evo Medical Solutions, manufacturer and distributor of sleep therapy products, has acquired Inspired Technologies Inc, manufacturer of SmartDose auto-adjusting oxygen conservation technology.

When oxygen requirements are low, SmartDose reduces output so that oxygen isn’t wasted. When requirements increase, SmartDose delivers a dose adequate to keep the user properly saturated.

“This is a technology that should be on every ambulatory oxygen patient, and it is our responsibility to make that happen in a cost-effective manner for our customers,” said Dan Bunting, CEO and president of evo Medical Solutions. “Our goal in this transaction is to seamlessly integrate SmartDose into evo in Iowa. If we can reduce the overheads and produce more product, costs will go down for us as well as for the provider. We intend to make this elite product the standard for all ambulatory oxygen patients, at a cost comparable to the other products on the market today.