ResMed announced significant improvement to U-Sleep, its patient management platform, which allows home medical equipment providers (HMEs) to quickly and effectively manage patients with sleep apnea and respiratory conditions. U-Sleep’s new Action View feature gives HMEs a fast method of sorting patients into actionable groups–known as managing by exception–allowing them to focus timely attention on patients most in need. In turn, HMEs can increase business efficiency and help drive positive patient outcomes.

“HMEs are continually looking for ways to help streamline their operational workflows,” says Raj Sodhi, vice president, ResMed Healthcare Informatics. “U-Sleep’s new Action View feature takes patient management by exception to a whole new level for our customers by letting them concentrate on those requiring immediate action, such as follow-up calls for therapy intervention, dramatically reducing the time it takes to manage their patient populations.”

Complementing the ResMed AirView patient management system, U-Sleep is an innovative cloud-based solution designed to help HMEs streamline processes, maximize compliance, and achieve scalable time and cost savings. With U-Sleep, HMEs can receive detailed reports about patient performance and help coach sleep patients based on compliance with defined therapy programs. U-Sleep’s coaching components include automated follow-up by text, e-mail, and phone. Data presented at the 2014 American Thoracic Society Conference shows that U-Sleep’s automated coaching capabilities can result in a reduction in staff coaching time while supporting continued compliance.

U-Sleep users will see the Action View screen as the new default landing page, which includes easy-to-view, color-coded tiles. Each tile contains a list of patients that have triggered a specific rule based on sleep therapy outcomes. Typical groups include:

  • patients who have been on therapy for a specific number of days (eg, 7, 30, 60, 90)
  • patients at risk for not reaching payor compliance
  • patients not compliant at 90 days
  • patients for whom no therapy data has been received
  • patients who are payor compliant

ResMed Air Solutions

U-Sleep complements ResMed’s Air Solutions sleep disordered breathing and respiratory care products; an end-to-end solution suite that provides physicians, providers, and patients with the products and applications they need to improve patient outcomes and workflow efficiencies. The Air Solutions suite includes the recently announced AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 PAP and bilevel devices with built-in cellular communication capabilities. This enables delivery of daily therapy information to ResMed’s U-Sleep and AirView patient management platforms, as well as select integrated third party healthcare applications.

Action View for U-Sleep is scheduled for November availability.