ResMed introduced myAir, a new personalized therapy management application for patients with sleep-disordered breathing. myAir equips patients with the information they need to resolve basic therapy issues so they can increase their comfort and stay compliant. By providing well-timed support, education, and trouble-shooting tools, myAir helps patients feel confident and motivated to start and stay on therapy, ResMed says. Empowering patients to take an active role in their health, myAir helps drive operational efficiencies for home medical equipment providers (HMEs) and gives them more time to focus on patients who need it most.

“myAir is personalized to each individual patient’s therapy journey–they can see important information about their sleep therapy, make adjustments to improve the treatment experience, and share their progress with family members and loved ones, all on a daily basis,” says Raj Sodhi, vice president, ResMed Healthcare Informatics, in a release. “If and when issues arise patients receive the information they need through myAir, allowing HMEs to focus on other patients more in need of support.”

myAir is a key component of ResMed Air Solutions, the connected care solution for treating sleep-disordered breathing launched earlier this year. With its mobile responsive design, patients can access myAir from their mobile phones and tablets, anytime, anywhere. The platform has been designed exclusively for ResMed’s AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 devices, both of which are wirelessly enabled to automatically deliver therapy data into myAir on a daily basis.

With myAir, patients receive a myAir score each morning calculated from their therapy data, providing them with a quick, snapshot view of their treatment. They can also click through to see how their myAir score was calculated from metrics such as usage time and mask seal. Together with trend charts of the previous 2 weeks, myAir makes it easier for patients to track their sleep progress, which can help them feel more confident and encouraged night after night.

HMEs supporting patients using myAir can benefit from a variety of coaching and reinforcement capabilities delivered via e-mail and/or text. The coaching tips are supplemented with compelling video content as well as encouragement and praise–shareable in social media if the patient desires–intended to increase confidence and sustain motivation.