The SnoreHook Splint oral appliance is FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and is PDAC verified for Medicare insurance code E0486b.

Marketed by Boyd Research Inc, the SnoreHook Splint is fabricated on patient’s models in the practitioner’s in-office lab. It has patented customizable trays (that can be adapted to any model arch width) combined with a titratable, mandibular-advancing stainless steel hooking mechanism.

Features include:

  • Has a mechanism that is hinged or jointed at the sides, front or palate;
  • Has a mechanism that allow the mandible to be advanced;
  • Is able to protrude the mandible beyond the front teeth at maximum protrusion;
  • Is adjustable by the beneficiary by increments of one millimeter or less;
  • Retains its adjustment setting when removed.