ProSomnus Sleep Technologies launches a new oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea: the ProSomnus [CA] LP continuous advancement sleep apnea device. ProSomnus [CA] LP is a low-profile continuous advancement oral appliance that includes standard ProSomnus appliance features including biocompatible hygienic material, impression-free digital replacements, and device customizations. This new device utilizes proprietary technologies to resolve archform asymmetries, manufacturing variances, bulkiness, and other device design limitations of traditional dorsal style continuous advancement devices, according to the manufacturer.
“We love the precision fit of the ProSomnus [CA] LP, which means less time fussing during delivery,” say Jeffrey S. Rein, DDS and Neal Seltzer, DMD of Long Island Dental Sleep Medicine, in a release. “The small profile is comfortable for patients and allows less protrusion for an effective, therapeutic benefit for this lifetime therapy.”

The FDA cleared device has 34% overall lower profile compared to similar style devices by a competitor (data on file at ProSomnus) and ensures more flex for easy delivery. With natural anatomical scalloping, the ProSomnus [CA] LP is optimized for greater tongue space, measuring 38% less bulk for lip closure and 29% less bulk for buccal comfort compared to a competing device. It presents 12.0 mm advancement range and 3.0 mm lateral freedom of movement.

“Adherence is of paramount importance to dental sleep medicine providers and prescribing sleep physicians. Studies show that many patients cannot tolerate CPAP, and oral appliance therapy devices can be bulky and unreliable, particularly those with advancement straps or adjustment screws,” says Len Liptak, CEO of ProSomnus. “Designed with these insights in mind, new ProSomnus CA [LP] is 34% smaller than predicate devices and offers precision adjustability, all with the goal of helping clinicians create more effective, efficient and comfortable treatment experiences for patients.”

John A. Carollo, DMD, D.ABDSM of Dental Sleep Medicine of NJ, says, “ProSomnus has truly improved continuous advancement devices for OAT. Their new [CA] LP is a breakthrough in design and features, offering the smallest profile of any continuous advancement device. Satisfying the doctor and patient needs with biocompatible material, durability, ease of use, less protrusion and great effectiveness. ProSomnus [CA] LP means better patient compliance and better treatment results.”

Kevin R. Wallace, DMD, D.ABDSM of Midwest Dental Sleep Center, says “ProSomnus delivers a consistently reliable product. The new ProSomnus [CA] LP with its sleek design, slim interface and angled adjustment mechanism make it easy and comfortable for the patient to wear. This translates into greater compliance and ultimately a healthier treated patient. It’s a great appliance if you’re looking for a smaller, yet durable device.”

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies is showcasing the new ProSomnus [CA] LP device at the AADSM Mastery programs in Oak Brook, IL, on Nov 8-10, 2019.