ProSomnus Sleep Technologies officially launches its ProSomnus [PH] Precision Herbst-style Sleep Apnea Device.

Patented and FDA cleared, ProSomnus [PH] received Medicare verification earlier this year and has been available on a limited basis. In a ProSomnus survey of 9 dental sleep medicine practitioners who treated 75 patients with the device, 96% of survey participants would prescribe [PH] again, 82% found the overall size and profile to be preferable to other device options, and 99% of survey participants would recommend [PH] to a colleague.

“Leading dental sleep medicine practitioners challenged ProSomnus to engineer a better device for Medicare patients and for patients who require treatment with a Herbst-style device,” says Len Liptak, CEO of ProSomnus, in a release. “Though Medicare coding can constrain innovation, the team did an exceptional job accepting the challenge. ProSomnus [PH] has precision features that make the device smaller, stronger, more comfortable, and easy to use. ProSomnus [PH] also leverages technologies from our other OSA devices that have been scientifically proven to minimize the risk of side effects such as unwanted tooth movement.”

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies will be showcasing the ProSomnus [PH] device at its AADSM Annual Meeting and SLEEP 2019 booths.