Dental lab network National Dentex Labs (NDX) and Silicon Valley-based digital 3D Manufacturing company Carbon have entered into a multi-year agreement to help NDX’s labs across the country add technology through Carbon’s complete dental solution. The agreement recently commenced with Carbon M2 printers being placed in NDX labs in 2018 and will continue to scale through 2019.

NDX relies on 3D printing technology to fabricate models, casting, and a variety of implant guides. However, the increasing demand for these items has led the organization to seek a solution that can not only meet this growth in efficiency, accuracy, and aesthetics, but also provides scalability, fleet management across the install base in disparate locations, and the ability to report data and analytics that cater to solution-based needs.

“3D printing has become integral to the dental industry and NDX is at the forefront of using this innovative technology, so we have deep experience with the many printer technologies on the market,” says Tom Daulton, CEO of National Dentex Labs, in a release. “As we evaluated the options, we needed a solution and a partner that could scale with us while offering efficiencies, quality parts, and excellent support and service.”

Joseph DeSimone, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Carbon, says, “We are thrilled to partner with NDX and honored that they’ve selected Carbon’s complete dental solution for their labs. Dental is an industry that shows the most promise for using digital fabrication for production at scale, particularly given its rigorous requirements of high throughput, accuracy of prints, fast turnaround, constant uptime, and very responsive service. At Carbon, we engage closely with each of our customers to understand their individual requirements, and deliver the one-to-one support and services they need to accelerate their business and create amazing experiences for their customers. We’re there with them at every step of the process.”

Carbon offers an alternative to 3D printing, fusing light and oxygen to rapidly produce end-use products from a pool of resin. Its proprietary Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, 3D printers, and broad portfolio of materials deliver a solution for dental production needs.