Dentists who have Medit i500 or i700 intraoral scanners can now easily provide custom-made oral appliances from Panthera Dental to their sleep apnea patients, thanks to a seamless integration within the Medit software.

After scanning the patient’s arches and registering the bite, Medit users can now open the Panthera App from Medit Link, complete the prescription, and send everything directly to Panthera with one click. Within eight days, Panthera’s D-SAD Classic or X3 will be designed and manufactured, then be shipped to the dentist via express courier so the patient can begin treatment in as little as 10 days.

Panthera’s D-SADs are made of medical-grade biocompatible type-12 polyamide nylon. A wide range of plateaus and bands are available, allowing for over 300 design combinations to maximize comfort and tongue space, and minimize side effects.

“It is our great pleasure to announce a successful collaboration with Panthera Dental. With a company that has long been a companion of Medit, we have developed another level of partnership, and we are eager to provide a seamless workflow to our users. This integration will provide both convenience and efficiency for our clinic users as well as our lab users,” says Inhaeng Cho, Medit’s chief strategy officer, in a release.

Beatrice Robichaud, co-founder and VP marketing & customer experience at Panthera Dental, says in a release, “We are excited to collaborate with a company that shares our values and vision for digital dentistry. Medit has created a workflow that is perfectly streamlined. There is no need to leave the Medit app to provide everything we need to make a great appliance for that customer. It represents a truly seamless and efficient user experience that we know customers will love.” 

Both Panthera Dental’s D-SADs, the Classic and X3, have FDA 510(k) clearance for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, bear the CE mark, and comply with the Canadian Medical Devices Regulations. 

The Panthera App is now available for download at Medit Link.