Respicardia, a developer of implantable therapies to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, has appointed world-renowned cardiologist, Dr William T. Abraham, and seasoned medical device industry executive, Scott R. Ward, to its Board of Directors.

The company, which announced the completion of active enrollment of its global pilot study using the remed? System to restore a more normal breathing pattern in patients with central sleep apnea, will leverage both Dr Abraham’s and Ward’s expertise in their respective areas to advance Respicardia’s strategic objectives.

“We are extremely pleased that Scott Ward and Dr Abraham, both champions of implantable devices for patients with heart failure, have joined our Board of Directors as we begin to prepare for the next step in the FDA approval process, our pivotal trial,” said Bonnie Labosky, CEO of Respicardia. “Scott Ward’s rich career in implantable devices and unique focus in neurostimulators, coupled with Dr Abraham’s deep understanding of the role of sleep apnea in heart failure, will be invaluable to us. These prominent appointments underscore the value of the remed? System as an innovative, reliable, and safe treatment option for patients with central sleep apnea.”