The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted NeuroLight Inc US Patent No 11,413,425 for the treatment of insomnia caused by the COVID-19 pandemic—the so-called “coronasomnia”—with neuromodulation. 

This patent covers a novel method of facilitating a normal sleep cycle in a subject during a pandemic or peri-COVID vaccination period.

The newly granted patent, titled “Device, system, and method for reducing coronasomnia to enhance immunity and immune response,” covers a novel method of neuromodulation to treat a SARS-related sleep disorder to increase immune response. This technology can potentially improve the treatment of COVID-19 and enhance the immune response due to vaccination. 

“This patent is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to developing non-pharmaceutical solutions to insomnia and other sleep disorders,” says Alexander Poltorak, NeuroLight president and the named inventor on the patent, in a release. “We hope that this technology will positively impact the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.”

Just as music can be recorded in a live concert and later replayed at another place, so too can the brainwaves—the “music” of the brain—be recorded in one person and replayed in the brain of another. Recording brainwaves in a healthy sleeper in a desired sleep stage and replaying them (via neuromodulation) in a person suffering from insomnia or another sleep disorder may help restore the affected sleep stage. 

The application addressed in this patent is related to insomnia caused by coronasomnia. Other applications include reducing the latency of sleep onset in a person experiencing insomnia or restoring slow-wave non-REM deep sleep in the elderly.

NeuroLight previously announced the grant of US Patents No. 11,318,277, 11,273,283, and 11,364,361, covering different applications of its technology. NeuroLight Inc is actively seeking investors and partners to bring this technology to people who need it.

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