ResMed Corp has released their new S9 Series of flow generators, calling the launch a radical evolution in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy and a dramatic departure from predecessor products.

The S9 Series combines treatment technology with novel controls in a stylish new design, according to information from the company.

“Our goal in the development of the S9 was to create a system that offers more than any other device on the market—more comfort, more control, and more style—so users can feel confident about incorporating it into their lifestyle, and health care providers can be confident that their patients are receiving the highest quality of sleep apnea treatment,” said Drew Terry, senior director of product management.

“In essence, the S9 represents a new approach to achieving patient compliance—making it as easy as possible for users to accept CPAP on their own terms. It puts them in control of the details that make the difference in their personal comfort, like EPR level and humidification settings. It has intuitive menus and dials to make it easy to adjust. It reduces noise to a virtual whisper, so it won’t disrupt a sleeping partner,” added Terry.

With the S9 Series, ResMed has introduced a number of improvements to their technologies, including Enhanced AutoSet and Easy-Breathe algorithms, and an improved Easy-Breathe motor. They’ve also incorporated a humidification system with Climate Control, which adapts to the user’s real-time environmental conditions. Additionally, they’ve introduced a tube design with the SlimLine tube, which virtually eliminates tube drag.

In market trials, users have responded enthusiastically. “I don’t feel the pressure changes as my needs increase. The breathing feels more natural, drops in EPR feel smoother, and I have zero rainout throughout the night,” reported one respondent. 

The S9 has received accolades from clinicians as well. “With the S9, there’s a sense of value that other products on the market do not have. The engineering behind it is what appeals to me; not just what it looks like, but what it can do. The Easy-Breathe technology, in combination with Climate Control and the SlimLine tube … everything has come together to make it very easy for a patient to accept therapy,” commented Dennis Janes, RRT, of Alegent Health Home Medical Equipment.

In addition to the numerous clinical and comfort features, the S9 provides detailed data reporting for clinicians. A complete S9-compatible wireless compliance management package is available to streamline business efficiencies for ResMed customers.