A news report from Science Nordic indicates that a new health report finds sleep therapy should be used for sleep disorder treatment instead of sleeping pills.

Although the number of users of benzodiazepines is falling in some European countries, it is still too high. Instead, sufferers should seek psychological treatment, says a group of sleep scientists.

“We’re not enthusiastic about the use of pharmaceuticals to treat general sleep problems. We believe that they should only be used for a short duration and for very few people — certainly not the six to eight per cent that is currently being treated in Denmark for example,” says Poul Jennum, professor at the Danish Centre for Sleep Medicine and the Department of Clinical Medicine at The University of Copenhagen.

Jennum is lead scientist of a group of sleep researchers who have extensively reviewed all existing research in the treatment of sleep problems. They presented their findings and recommendations in a report released recently by the Danish Council on Health & Disease Prevention.

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