Supplements company Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc, which currently sells a tablet-form melatonin supplement, plans to launch a melatonin-cannabinoid (CBD) oil tincture this year. The MZS Sleeping Aid will deliver a 3 mg dose of melatonin per serving that incorporates either 100 or 250 mg of hemp-derived CBD oil. The product is intended to be sold as a supplement in the United States and eventually, pending regulatory approval, into the Canadian market. Innovus is also interested in expanding into other products using hemp-derived CBD oil in both countries and in other markets throughout the world. The product to be launched will not contain any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

“We are very excited to be expanding into the hemp-derived CBD oil-based product market with the commercialization of this melatonin product that includes CBD oil intended for persons to improve their sleep,” says Bassam Damaj, PhD, president and CEO of Innovus Pharma, in a release. “The successful commercialization of this product will hopefully lead to our development of more products utilizing hemp-derived CBD oil-based ingredients. By developing and commercializing such products, we believe we are expanding our product offerings to provide our customers with a CBD alternative to realizing and achieving their healthcare goals.”