The electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions of CRF Health, a provider of patient-centered eSource for the life sciences industry, has been selected for a significant insomnia trial by a European pharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery and development of small molecules. The Phase III study involves 5,000 subjects across three continents collects key endpoint data using CRF Health’s TrialMax platform.

CRF Health will be providing the eCOA solution (TrialMax Touch and TrialMax Slate) to all patients in the study for use on-site and via home-based devices, to record both patient and clinician facing assessments. The challenge of a significant and geographically distributed patient population required a high-quality solution that would streamline data collection and provide a high compliance rate, which is achieved through the solutions’ interface, patient engagement elements, and high degree of mobility.

eCOA fits into subjects’ real lives, guiding them through study protocols, driving high compliance, and generating clean data, according to the company.

“CRF Health prides itself on providing expert advice on both patient and clinician reported outcomes to support central nervous system (CNS) related clinical studies. Our strength comes from not simply handing over devices but supporting study teams and delivering best practice for training and user acceptance,” says Rachael Wyllie, CRF Health’s CEO, in a release. “Our track record of delivering desired outcomes and appropriate and relevant experience in deploying the required scales for supporting insomnia studies was crucial for the sponsor.”