Sleep medicine doctors are finding a new self-help book to be worth recommending to their patients who suffer from insomnia. Sink Into Sleep by Judith R. Davidson, PhD, focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques as a long-term solution to this disorder.

“Most centers do not have a clinician with behavioral sleep medicine expertise. So in most cases, the next best thing is allowing the patient to do the same techniques in self-help format,” Davidson told Sleep Review.


Having started her career working in a sleep lab, the Kingston, Ontario-based clinical psychologist developed an interest in the treatment of insomnia. “My knowledge about insomnia grew later when I went searching for answers,” she says.

The 22-chapter book covers such topics as sleep diaries, bedtime adjustments, and men’s and women’s sleep needs. Davidson has written many journal articles targeted toward the professional market, but Sink Into Sleep is her first foray into the consumer sphere. “There are very effective techniques for reversing insomnia that are just not available to the people who need them. Together, these techniques are sometimes called cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. They are recommended in medical guidelines as the first-line treatment for insomnia (ahead of sleep medication) so we need to make them accessible. The book is one of my efforts to do this,” she says.

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