After a remarkable year “in the ring” as AASM president, Alex Chediak, MD, handed the gavel to Mary Susan Esther, MD. Building on the success of Dr Chediak, Esther vowed to continue to fight for the interests of all academy members.

“Today, as I accept the role of your President, I pledge balance as we move confidently forward,” Esther said in her installation address. “We will strive for balance in the academy’s commitment to academic sleep medicine, in the academy’s commitment to research, and in the academy’s commitment to clinical sleep medicine. I will work diligently, along with the board of directors, to represent the pressing issues and concerns of all of our members.”

Some of those concerns, according to Esther, include expanding the fellowship training program, further developing the AASM’s relationship with the American Association of Medical Colleges by working on curriculum development to ensure that sleep medicine is better addressed in instruction, making research networks a priority, and overseeing the transition of the certification examination in behavioral sleep medicine to the American Board of Sleep Medicine.