Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, announced the launch of two new products
today. Both the ComfortFusion mask and the SleepEasy CPAP system are
intended to bring comfort to sleep patients at a reasonable price for care

The SleepEasy system is engineered to better blend in with the patient’s
bedroom and to look less like an unwieldy medical device. The system has a
sleek design and minimally lit control buttons. It also includes a built-in
humidifier and a pressure calibration screen that allows target pressure to
be set within 0.1 cm H2O.

The ComfortFusion™ mask, Respironics’ latest edition to their Comfort
Series™ of masks, is noted for its comfort. The lightweight system features
cushions that are easy to change and clean. The FitPack™ includes both a
small and medium cushion to fit over 90% of patients. The ComfortFusion™
mask also includes Respironics’ StabilitySelector®, which allows the mask to
be raised and lowered for an enhanced mask angle, seal, and fit.