House Beautiful reviews the ways to evaluate and shop for the best silk sheets.

According to Women’s Health, silk sheets repel dust mites, aiding asthma and allergy relief. Perfect for year-round use, silk sheets regulate body temperature, keeping us warm in cold months and cool when it’s hot.

But where to begin when starting your silk sheet search? It’s important to note the difference between silk versus satin. The largest difference being silk is a natural fiber, and satin is a weave created from silk or other materials. Next, according to silk manufacturer Mulberry Park Silks, mulberry silk is thought to be the highest quality silk available because its silk fibers are longer and more uniform, making it ultra smooth and durable. Another thing to keep in mind while shopping for silk sheets is understanding how silk fabric weight is measured. In place of thread count, momme (mm) is used. According to Overstock’s guide on selecting silk sheets, a good rule of thumb is: The higher the momme, the better the silk quality—and, of course, the heftier the price tag.

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