Can you solve this sleep medicine-themed crossword puzzle, designed specifically for Sleep Review readers? A hard copy published in the November/December 2017 issue.


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Sleep Medicine-Themed Clues


1 These kinds of changes can be complementary therapy to resolve some sleep disorders
5 The organ where many sleep disorders originate
8 Barrier to entry
9 A sleep disorder characterized by an inability to fall or stay asleep
11 Dark green leaves often recommended in a heathy diet
14 Makes better
16 Movement of blood through the heart and blood vessels
19 Inflamed
21 Spinal ___
22 Spanish for “the”
23 Prefix with surgery or transmitter
24 Time in history
25 Have lunch
26 ___ management
27 ____plexy
28 Is ill with
30 Opinion
31 Collection of fibers and strands, as in muscle fibers


1 Absorb food
2 Turn to this medical specialty for surgical options for sleep apnea, abbr.
3 Wake-up time
4 Negative Chinese principle
5 Cyclical biological patterns
6 The “a” in OSA
7 Approaches
10 A sleep disorder characterized by an inability to control sleep-wake cycles
12 Illness of unknown origin
13 Emphasizing the organic and functional parts in relation to the whole
15 Protective covering
17 Fruit growing area
18 Emotional strain that can cause or worsen insomnia
20 Medicine amount
29 Copper symbol

UPDATED 1/28/18. Here is the answer key. The key is also published in the November/December 2017 issue. To suggest clues for an upcoming sleep crossword, email sroy[at] To sponsor a future puzzle, email rfelts[at]


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