Pharmacy Value Management Solutions Inc (PVMS) will market and distribute Truck Driver Sleep Apnea Solutions Inc’s complete sleep apnea solutions (CSAS) program throughout the United States, effective immediately.

PVMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanzeon Solutions Inc, a behavioral health, wellness, and pharmacy management provider. Truck Driver Sleep Apnea Solutions (TDSAS) provides a system/program for unions and employers with sponsored health and welfare benefit plans and is a licensed durable medical equipment supplier.

With the establishment of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, the government has now recommended, among other safety steps, that commercial drivers be more scrutinized for this relatively common sleep disorder by their certified medical examiner as part of the Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination. PVMS, with its access to unions, self-funded groups, and employers, says it is in a unique position to successfully engage in this program, combining it with the company’s cost-reduction pharmacy program.

“We are pleased to engage with PVMS in the marketing and distribution of our CSAS program, which will undoubtedly help many commercial drivers,” says Vernon J. Wood, cofounder and president of Truck Driver Sleep Apnea Solutions, in a release.

Clark A. Marcus, chairman and CEO of Advanzeon Solutions, says, “We sought out this marketing/distribution agreement, in part, because of our relationship with unions and, particularly, the Teamsters Union, whose main members are commercial drivers. Our pharmacy program, in and of itself, provides unions with significant savings on their general pharmacy needs. The direct relationship between obesity, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and a significant number of other illnesses requiring medications makes our tie-in with TDSAS a natural. By combining our pharmacy program sales efforts with the CSAS program, we open significant pathways to unions, self-insured groups, and employer groups by providing the mechanism whereby these groups will be able to cut their overall healthcare costs while at the same time creating a significantly healthier workforce, safer conditions on the road, and, literally, save lives. The combination of the pharmacy program with the CSAS program more than pays for itself in many ways.”

PVMS will market the complete sleep apnea solutions on a fee basis. Terms of the distribution agreement were not disclosed.