Namrita Singh, DMD, the owner of Allen Whole Health Dentistry in Allen, Texas, has written a book called Whole Health Dentistry: Why Your Mouth Is the Key to Your Body’s Health.

“The problem is that most of us see the mouth and its health as a separate entity from the rest of the body. I want to emphasize that although the mouth is a vital, sensitive organ that requires its own specialization, it is still a part of the body,” she says in the book.

With a dental examination by a skilled dentist using the current available diagnostic tools and procedures, such as oral DNA and scans, patients can be screened for sleep apnea, other airway obstructions, various inflammatory diseases, cancer, TMJ, STD virus, and more, Singh says, adding that the field of dentistry has come a long way and now stands beside other medical practices in its importance to disease detection and the whole body health of the individual.

The book is available on in both Kindle and paperback versions. Chapter 3 focuses on sleep apnea.