A recent ABC news story outlines the struggle of one mother to find out why her 3-year-old son never slept. Shannon Lamb’s son, Rhett was awake nearly 24 hours a day, before a recent diagnosis of his condition.

“We went to the doctor after he was born, and I kept telling him something was wrong. He didn’t sleep. They thought I was being kind of an anxious mom, and we went back and forth,” Shannon Lamb told ABC news.

After baffling his parents and doctors for three years, the article states that Rhett has been diagnosed with chiari malformation, an uncommon condition that causes the brain to be squeezed into the spinal column. This compression affects numerous functions controlled by the brain stem, including speech, circulatory system functions, and sleep.

ABC news states that a surgery was performed this week that should allow Rhett to sleep properly for the first time in his life.