AirWare Labs Corp and Breathe Active LLC announced Walmart will carry Breathe Active Sleep/Snore products in all of its 4,200 US stores. Walmart has placed an initial order of 20,000 units to stock its stores’ “As Seen On TV” shelves beginning in June.

Powered by AirWare’s patented nasal insert technology, the Breathe Active Sleep/Snore increases airflow for better breathing and has been clinically proven to reduce snoring, according to the companies.

Kevin Shaughnessy, president and CEO of Breathe Active, LLC, says in a release: “Offering our products through the nation’s largest retailer allows us to reach a broad audience of consumers seeking to improve their health with better breathing.”

AirWare Labs and Breathe Active LLC recently announced expansion of their licensing agreement into Australia and New Zealand. AirWare Labs also announced production of a branded video featuring TV and movie personalities Vincent Kartheiser (of AMC’s drama Mad Men) and Adam Herschman, and disclosed plans for a sales and manufacturing expansion into China earlier this year.