Since launching 4 years ago, Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) has treated hundreds of former professional athletes and their families for sleep apnea. Their mission has received increasing coverage in the media after PPHA began working through the Living Heart Foundation and its HOPE Program sponsored by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

Recently, it has been confirmed that PBS will be producing a short film in Chicago with Richard Dent, Roy Green, Archie Roberts (founder of Living Heart Foundation), and other unconfirmed players in regard to tackling sleep apnea with NFL greats.

In addition to Todd Swick, board certified sleep MD, David Gergen, president of PPHA and dental director of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, will also be featured in the film with Dr Robert Wolf (who is a member in the academy and has taken hours of courses on dental sleep medicine).

The dedication of David Gergen and NFL greats such as Roy Green, Mike Haynes, Derek Kennard, Mark Walczak, and many more to spreading word of sleep apnea and getting people tested has been the driving force behind what they call the “Tackling Sleep Apnea” campaign.