Mattress Firm today announced its fall internship, the “Snoozetern,” who will be a member of the social media team. The new role will give Mattress Firm’s social media followers a first-hand look at the company’s culture, tease new and upcoming product launches, and help customers understand how to find the right bed through content.

Although sleeping is part of the job, it’s not all the position offers. “We are excited to hire our first ever Snoozetern,” says Scott Thaler, chief marketing officer, in a release. “It’s not every day that an intern is hired to sleep on the job, but that’s just one of many perks.”

As the resident napper, day-to-day responsibilities will involve testing beds, creating video content capturing their experience, and sharing it on Mattress Firm’s social platforms. Additionally, the Snoozetern will interview the company’s employees and Houston locals about their regular sleep habits and tips. The position is based at Mattress Firm’s home office, “BEDQuarters,” in Houston.

“In addition to bed testing, the Snoozetern will use our in-house content studio and the latest social tools to build integrated content campaigns as our very own sleep-fluencer,” Thaler says. “These campaigns will be designed to give consumers a preview of our new products, answers to real-time questions, a sneak peek into our company culture at BEDQuarters and introductions to the employees that obsess over finding the right bed for you. The Snoozetern will give consumers behind-the-scenes access to only the dreamiest interviews and several surprising locations that you will have to see to believe.”

Qualified candidates shouldn’t be afraid to use their social savviness in front of and behind the camera, and should have a keen eye for digital storytelling that is both entertaining and educational.

To view the Snoozetern job requirements and learn more about how to apply, visit The deadline for all applications is July 23.