Palo Alto, Calif-based iFutureLab Inc recently unveiled a technology that can autonomously recognize and adapt to individual body shapes and postures in real time. It plans to adapt this technology to furniture, with mattresses as the initial focus.

The artificial intelligence, which iFutureLab calls “AI TRACKBOT,” collects real-time data to build an exclusive model for the user who lies on it through ergonomics based on his real-time pressure distribution and age, height, weight, body shape, and sleep preferences. Optimal postural support and pressure relief for the body are achieved by adjusting height and firmness along with the changing sleep positions, according to iFutureLab.

Over 30,000 experiments conducted by iFutureLab Sleep Medicine Center (SMC) and as yet unpublished show that AI TRACKBOT can effectively reduce body movements, tossing and turning, the probability of waking up at night, and the percentage of discomfort in muscle and spinal regions upon waking up in the morning. This in turn increases the percentage of deep sleep over a night’s rest, according to iFutureLab, and, through continuous follow-up studies, iFutureLab SMC has found that users with chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, waist and leg areas, and with pre-existing problems like nerve compression or poor breathing have been relieved of such issues after using the mattress with AI TRACKBOT for a consistent period of time.

Kent Scott, director of the iFutureLab AI TRACKBOT section, says in a release, “This technology will also help those millions of athletes going through injuries and chronic pain sufferers to get the pain relief they need. They just need to simply input their individualized chronic pain information or sleep preferences into the APP. AI TRACKBOT will then calculate the optimal support under such situations, allowing for the reduction of the impact of these physical problems on sleep quality. In addition, AI TRACKBOT is also cooperating closely with many hotels, enabling people with different body types and sleep preferences to truly obtain the best night of sleep while staying in hotel.”

Forty-three scientists and engineers from iFutureLab SMC have been devoted to the development of AI TRACKBOT technology, analyzing the relationship between support and healthy sleep based on ergonomics, cardiovascular medicine, and musculoskeletal medicine. In 5 years, iFutureLab SMC has accomplished the test and observation of total 2.3 million sets of experimental data involving subjects from 13 countries or regions and 37 nationalities.

iFutureLab is an institution mainly engaged in the research and development of AI medical treatments, intelligent IoT [Internet of Things], sleep medicine, and precision sensing systems.