In February, Saint Louis University partnered with YouGov to ask 900 likely Missouri voters their preferences on daylight saving time, finding that a majority prefer a consistent time throughout the year. 

Forty-seven percent of voters say they would prefer to see daylight saving time all year, compared to 31% indicating they would prefer standard time all year. Meanwhile, only 16% of Missouri voters say their preference is to continue to switch back and forth between the two as most of the United States does now.

Most of the United States observes standard time from the first Sunday in November until the second Sunday in March. Daylight saving time is observed in the other half of the year when the clocks move forward one hour. During daylight saving time, the sun sets an hour later than during standard time, creating more daylight in the evening but less in the morning. 

“Stopping changing our clocks twice a year has overwhelming bi-partisan support,” says Steven Rogers, PhD, director of the poll and associate professor of political science at Saint Louis University, in a release. “At least 74% of each Democratic, Republican, and independent voters prefer to end the practice springing forward or falling back.” 

The found the most support for following daylight saving time permanently, particularly in the southern regions of the state where half of voters say they prefer daylight saving time year-round.

Poll results and cross tabs are available here.

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