Can you solve this sleep medicine-themed crossword puzzle, designed specifically for Sleep Review readers? A hard copy published in the March/April 2019 issue.


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1 Method of monitoring human rest/activity cycles

7 Under

8 Condition in which the alveoli are damaged

10 Quantity, abbr.

11 An airway clearance technique in which the person blows out many times through a _____ PEP device

15 Government body that regulates commercial truck drivers, abbr.

16 Pain reliever

18 Shallow breathing

21 Against

23 CPAP setting

25 ___ existing condition

27 CPAP attachment

29 Light beam

30 Nasal passages


1 Enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue at the back of the nasopharynx

2 Rx amount, abbr.

3 Chap

4 Risk factor in sleep apnea

5 System for warming a house; its setting can be a factor in insomnia

6 Acting in such a way as to block a passage

7 There are 4 of them in sleep

9 Baseball star Maglie

12 Symptom of narcolepsy

13 Meadow

14 No longer asleep

17 Noted period of time

18 ____ somnolence, excessive sleepiness

19 ____ out, lose consciousness

20 Had something to eat

22 Short daytime sleep periods

24 Genetic cell material, abbr.

26 ___ eye, possible indicator of having had little sleep

27 Inert gas symbol (used in some balloons)

28 Operating system, abbr.

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