ComPsych Corporation, Chicago, a provider of global employee assistance programs (EAPs), recently conducted a poll and found that the majority of employees are losing sleep over financial worries.

The ComPsych poll found nearly 92% of employees said that financial worries are keeping them up at night. Only 8% of employees described themselves as “not worried.”

Employees were asked:  Do financial worries keep you up at night? If so, what is your biggest concern?

Participants listed their biggest concerns as:

•    30% said the cost of living
•    29% said credit card debt
•    14% said mortgage payment
•    13% said retirement account
•    3% said kids’ tuition
•    3% said health care costs
•    8% said they are not worried

“As the largest EAP, our increased call volume has been a reflection of the financial stressors faced by US employees,” says Richard A. Chaifetz, chairman and chief executive officer of ComPsych. “Companies are realizing the impact of financial uncertainties upon their workers, and are proactively promoting support services such as EAPs with financial and legal guidance to help employees cope.”