The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) named Kokoon’s Nightbuds as the winner of the 2021 SleepTech Award.

NSF’s SleepTech Award recognizes the year’s most innovative efforts in advancing sleep technology and is a feature of NSF’s ongoing work to encourage and celebrate efforts by which sleep science and insight are rapidly incorporated into accessible health products and services.

“We congratulate Kokoon for winning our 2021 SleepTech Award. Their approach combines elements of sleep science and technology into an innovative product experience,” says John Lopos, CEO of NSF, in a statement.

Kokoon’s Nightbuds use a PPG sensor to collect heart rate variability and motion data within a companion app. These data are processed to automatically adjust and adapt the Nightbuds’ audio levels to the user’s stage of sleep in real-time. Kokoon also described Nightbuds sleep earbuds as including noise masking, audio streaming, and sleep monitoring throughout the night.

Kokoon’s Nightbuds. Photo contributed by Kokoon.

The NSF’s SleepTech Award semi-finalists include EnsoData and SleepSpace. EnsoData’s EnsoSleep is an FDA-cleared Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology solution that analyzes and scores sleep studies to support clinicians in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating patients. SleepSpace is an operating system that connects with major wearable and smart bedroom appliances.