Avadel Pharmaceuticals plc has entered into an exclusive collaboration with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Foundation, to support its 2022 Young Investigators Research Forum, providing scholarships and research training to early career sleep medicine researchers.

The Young Investigators Research Forum is an annual training program that was first launched in 2009, providing guidance, tactics, and strategies to better position early career investigators for a successful career in sleep research. The program aims to provide trainees with the necessary skills for a productive and successful career, including refining research ideas, understanding grant funding opportunities, and establishing extramural networking and mentorship with other early career investigators, established senior investigators, as well as with scientific and program officers from federal funding agencies.

“Our continued partnership with the AASM Foundation on this critical research program supporting up-and-coming sleep scientists represents a shared goal to advance sleep research for the benefit of patients,” says Jennifer Gudeman, PharmD, vice president, medical and clinical affairs at Avadel, in a release. “A natural, restorative sleep-wake cycle is fundamental for good physical and mental health. We understand that having a disordered sleep condition, like narcolepsy, is disruptive to all facets of life, which is why we’re passionate about prioritizing relationships with patients, healthcare professionals, and the broader sleep community, to identify the real needs of patients and to find better ways to serve them.”

AASM Foundation president Anita V. Shelgikar, MD, MHPE, says in a release, “We thank Avadel for their continued support of early career sleep researchers and their sponsorship of the 2022 Young Investigators Research Forum. Avadel’s contributions to the AASM Foundation support the sleep research community and the patients we serve by allowing us to create new grant programs to work toward healthier lives through better sleep.”

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