Richard Shane, PhD, a behavioral sleep therapist, psychotherapist, and founder of Sleep Easily, announced that he now available to work with private clients nationwide suffering from sleep, PTSD, and other deep-seated psychological problems.

For more than 25 years, Shane has helped thousands of insomnia patients sleep better through both clinical sessions and his at home program, Sleep Easily. Over 140 physicians and healthcare professionals have referred patients to Shane. He is now available for personal telephone counseling for sleep difficulties from mild and occasional to severe insomnia. He can also help with other complex psychological issues.

“Insomnia has damaging effect on almost every part of life,” says Shane in a release. “I have seen how much life can improve when people who have suffered from insomnia finally get quality sleep.”

In 1991 as a result of a life crisis, Shane developed severe insomnia. He spent years internally exploring and resolving his own insomnia. This became a passion and his life’s work. Shane discovered 5 specific body sensations that are triggers for sleep. He further researched the neurophysiology of sleep and developed the Sleep Easily Method. This method, along with other advanced techniques he has developed are used in his practice to resolve sleep issues. Patients receive a free copy of sleep recordings for home use.

Shane offers free 10 minute consultations to inquire about working with him.