The Lotus Leaf Pregnancy Sleep System is a therapeutic pillow system that provides the alignment, comfort, and stability necessary for pain relief and quality sleep during pregnancy, according to inventor Julie Robbins.

A doula and prenatal massage therapist for almost 20 years, Robbins listened to and treated thousands of sleep-deprived and aching pregnant clients. Realizing that the pain and sleeplessness resulted directly from poor sleep positions, she sought to create a solution that would not only address the symptoms, but also prevent the problems pregnant women face at night.

Robbins says her inspiration turned into an obsession as she spent 10 years developing and refining the Lotus Leaf, ultimately creating an ergonomic system that addresses the specific pain points related to sleeping on one’s side during pregnancy. By designing from the ground up, she was able to take into account the varied shapes and sizes of pregnant women’s bodies even as they change during the different seasons of pregnancy.