Human capital management firm Ceridian announces the launch of a new offering in its LifeWorks employee assistance and wellness programs: sleep coaching. The sleep coaching program provides research-based information and support on healthy sleep practices that can easily be incorporated into an individual’s daily routine. Telephonic life coaching services are available for all LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program and Work Life customers.

“Getting enough sleep is an important pillar of health, along with diet and exercise,” says Anne VanBronkhorst, vice president of LifeWorks Wellness Services at Ceridian, in a release. “Workplaces have underappreciated sleep. In fact, according to a recent Ceridian LifeWorks survey, more than 30% of human resource leaders have witnessed or heard about a coworker falling asleep on the job in the past six months. This general disregard for sleep can have negative repercussions on individuals and their employers, including poor health and attendance, poor productivity, and increased healthcare costs. The LifeWorks sleep coaching program is an important part of an employer’s overall wellness strategy, giving organizations a means to promote good sleep hygiene–a variety of different practices that are necessary to have normal, quality nighttime sleep and full daytime alertness.”

With LifeWorks coaching, individuals who are interested in taking control of their lives with specific goals to live the life they envision can access a team of certified coaches who will walk with them along the road to change. Focusing on exploring individual strengths, LifeWorks sleep coaching helps guide motivated participants through life transitions, sleep challenges, and healthy sleep habits.