July 3, 2006

In a recently confirmed agreement, Ambulatory Monitoring Inc (AMI) of Ardsley, NY, will now distribute the Tactex Controls Inc, Toronto, advanced bed sensor product into the sleep-research market.

This under-the-mattress sensor indicates whether a person is in or out of bed, as well as the precise movements of the bed occupant. The product already has found acceptance in long-term care and assisted living markets for the elderly, according to an AMI press release. The next generation of the product is intended to provide caregivers with a measure of the bed occupant’s quality of life.

“The addition of the Motionlogger Bed Sensor to our product line will provide an option for our customers to monitor sleep patterns without having to wear specialized equipment,” said Thomas Kazlausky, AMI’s president.

To ask Kazlausky about Tactex and other sleep monitoring issues, please visit his “Expert Insight” page at www.sleepreviewmag.com/experts.php?e=3.