A research study conducted at multi-sport training and educational institution IMG Academy found that the airweave high rebound bedding topper improves youth athletic performance. The sleep study led by Japanese bedding topper and pillows brand airweave was conducted by Seiji Nishino, a professor with the circadian neurobiology laboratory at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Based on the results of this study, airweave says it will increase its support of top athletes throughout the world.

In 2011, airweave began supplying IMG Academy a number of bedding toppers to encourage better and more restorative sleep among student-athletes and ultimately help them achieve optimal performance. By 2013, all of the beds at the Academy were furnished with airweave bedding toppers, and the sleep study to compare airweave high rebound bedding toppers with standard low rebound mattresses entered a new phase. The study evaluates the effect of good sleep on athletic performance and includes statistical analysis to examine how various sleeping environments effect sleep, sleep-related physiology, and athletic performance across three quantitative measures (40-meter sprint, long jump, and star drill). In addition to showing that athletes who used the high rebound topper experienced greater amounts of deep sleep than athletes with a traditional low rebound mattress, the study revealed tendencies of improved performance across all three quantitative measures in athletes who slept on the airweave bedding toppers.

Motokuni Takaoka, president and CEO of airweave, says, “We will leverage this scientific data to develop even more advanced bedding toppers to provide quality sleep to people throughout the world.”