The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) will be launching an official journal. Titled Sleep Health, it will be published by Elsevier. It will serve the burgeoning scientific and academic research fields dedicated to better understanding the health benefits of sleep.

“This Journal will help facilitate the exchange of ideas among a diverse community of professionals, particularly social scientists and population health experts with an interest in sleep,” says Chris Drake, PhD, chairman of the board of the NSF, in a release.

“Sleep is a vital component of health and well-being,” said Charles Czeisler, MD, PhD, chairman-elect of the Board of the National Sleep Foundation. “This marks the beginning of an important new phase in the history of sleep research wherein we begin celebrating and integrating the best thinking from a diverse community of researchers beyond disease and start to focus on health.”

Sleep Health will foster global dialogue on sleep as it relates to social sciences and public health, and will emphasize wellness, performance, safety, population health, and special populations.

“NSF selected Elsevier as our publisher because of its global resources,” says David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation. “Elsevier’s unparalleled sophisticated set of tools for authors and subscribers will immediately position the Journal as the nexus for sleep health research.”

The NSF has initiated the search for the first editor of Sleep Health and plans to begin publishing in print and online versions in late 2014.