Houston welcomes Nap Bar, a pay-by-the-snooze napping facility located in Rice Village.

Nap Bar founder and president Khaliah Guillory partnered with New Living natural and organic mattresses to launch the nap lounge.

“Our goal is to promote wellness and turn sustainable rest into sustainable productivity for health-conscious humans,” Guillory says in a release.

Nap Bar’s patented napping pods are designed with soundproof materials and contain organic Bungaloom mattresses and bedding. Visitors are greeted by a comfort concierge and led inside a private suite surrounded with T.L.C. Naps are scheduled 20 to 26 minutes for short-term alertness, or longer, if needed.

Guillory has worked with organizations such as NASA delivering wellness and inclusion workshops. When NASA conducted a sleep study on weary pilots, she learned that a 26-minute power nap actually helped improve performance by 34% and alertness by 54%, which encouraged her to develop Nap Bar.

“Giants like Google have implemented sleep stations to help employees recharge during the day,” Guillory says. “Naps are proven to help reduce significant economic loss by decreasing sleep deprivation.”

Guests receive complimentary aromatherapy and custom brain wave therapy with every siesta. Other add-ons include lymphatic massages, hot showers, espressos, and EarthCraft Juicery blends.

Additionally, Nap Bar offers in-suite napping build-outs for companies and has plans to launch mobile snooze units in downtown Houston later this year.

Nap Bar will officially open to the public on Monday, April 1, 2019, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For a limited time, guests will receive free selected upgrades, discounts on Lyft, and a chance to win a VIP membership valued at $179.