Sleep Doctor, an online source for sleep health, improvement, and education, published a survey detailing Americans’ sleeping arrangement plans for Valentine’s Day, offering a look at who’s sharing our beds. 

The report also shares insight into how Valentine’s Day will impact sleep. The survey garnered responses from 1,252 respondents in the United States.    

According to the survey:

  • Seventy-three percent of Americans anticipate sharing a bed on Feb 14.
  • Fifty-three percent say they plan to share a bed with their romantic partner.
  • Sixteen percent plan to share it with their dog, 10% say their cat, 3% say their child, 2% say their ex-partner, 2% say their friend, and 1% say a stranger.
  • Among single Americans, 45% say they plan to share their bed, and the majority of this is with their pet.

Survey results also highlight that:

  • Three in 10 respondents believe Valentine’s Day will impact their sleep. While 71% say the holiday will have no impact on their sleep, 17% say they will likely sleep less than usual, and 12% say they will likely sleep more than usual.
  • Of those who say their sleep will likely be impacted, possible reasons include late-night activities or celebrations, excitement or anticipation, stress or anxiety, or changes in sleep environment.

“Getting a little less sleep, if you get good sleep anyway, is not going to be that big of a deal. However, if you are already sleep deprived, it will be rough,” says Michael Breus, PhD, clinical psychologist and sleep medicine expert at Sleep Doctor, in a release. “Drinking alcohol later than usual will be very disruptive on top of maybe staying up a little later than normal. This is called the double whammy. Being up late, plus having alcohol on a sleep-deprived brain can equal bad decision making.”

The survey was completed on Feb 1. In total, 1,252 US respondents were surveyed.

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