In May 2020, Sleep Standards surveyed 1,020 Americans on how working from home during COVID-19 affects their sleep patterns. The results reveal interesting data from factors that impact American sleep patterns to activities they prefer during the COVID-19 quarantine.

  • 50.2% of Americans stated that their sleep patterns are negatively affected
  • The generation witnessing the most impact on sleep pattern is Millennial (60%), followed by Gen X (22%). This is compared to just 11% of Gen Z and 6% of Baby Boomer
  • 33% of participants are lucky enough to have a home office to work from, while the same percentage has to work in their bedroom
  • 42% of Americans choose to work in the living room, while 10% work in the kitchen
  • Only Millennials have the idea of working in the bathroom, which makes up just 1%

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