Sleep Country Canada launches the “Hour Back Pledge,” encouraging businesses nationwide to join in giving employees extra sleep time to mitigate daylight saving time’s impact.

Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc, a specialty sleep retailer, released data from a new survey highlighting the impact of daylight saving time on Canadians’ sleep patterns and mental health

The survey reveals that one in two Canadians experience disruption to their sleep schedule when the clocks move forward for daylight saving time causing stress, confusion, and mistakes, with over 50% needing over a week to cope with the loss of an hour of sleep.

On March 10 at 2 am, Canadians will set their clocks forward for daylight saving, resulting in the loss of one hour of sleep. Coinciding with the time change, Sleep Country is launching the “Hour Back Pledge,” acknowledging the potential setback to Canadians’ health and well-being and to inspire them to proactively regulate their sleep habits during daylight saving time. 

As part of the pledge, Sleep Country is dedicating the lost hour to its employees by opening all retail stores, distribution centers, and offices at each of its brands across Canada an hour later than usual on Monday, March 11, allowing employees to reclaim their lost sleep.

In line with this commitment, Sleep Country is donating $100,000 to the Canadian Mental Health Association to support mental health initiatives, emphasize the importance of sleep on overall well-being, and advocate for the adoption of healthy sleep habits by all Canadians. Canadian Mental Health Association’s national office is also taking the “Hour Back Pledge,” inspired by Sleep Country’s action to support well-being.

“As leaders in sleep for almost 30 years, we understand that sleep is critical for us to function mentally, physically, and emotionally,” says Stewart Schaefer, president and CEO of Sleep Country, in a release. “This March, we are proud to pioneer the ‘Hour Back Pledge’ in Canada, underscoring our commitment to advancing sleep health. However, this initiative transcends our organization, and we invite all Canadians to unite and join our nationwide petition to show business leaders that we all deserve quality sleep.” 

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, quality sleep is essential for preventing mental health issues, managing stress, processing emotions, and maintaining a balanced mood.

The majority of Canadians agree that a good night’s sleep is important for their mental well-being; however research indicates that nearly two-thirds (64%) of Canadians aged 18-54 sleep less than seven hours a day on average, falling short of the recommended hours of sleep as per the StatsCan Health Report. 

Quality sleep emerges as a cornerstone for Canadians, playing a pivotal role in stress management, regulation of emotions, and mood stabilization. Notably, 85% of Canadian respondents reported increased productivity at work when well-rested, with 90% experiencing improved concentration with consistent, restful sleep.

To help Canadians foster better sleep habits year-round, Sleep Country offers the expertise of sleep professionals and a range of sleep wellness solutions. 

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