CityNapin has developed a tech-driven solution that will help people find places to take a nap. The startup company is the inventor of a comfortable, quiet, and patent-pending sleeping capsule. CityNapin’s system will be network based, so users can locate nearby sleeping capsule hosts through a mobile or web app. Interested parties who want to know when this service rolls out in their area, and perhaps sign up to be a host, can enter their zip code and e-mail address at

“We’ve developed a geo-location mobile app and web service to connect users with local capsule bed hosts,” says Karim Zouiyen, inventor and business manager at CityNapin, in a release. “Hosts purchase one or more capsules, then set their own hourly rates and schedules. Anyone, including hotels looking to diversify their offerings, can see a quick return on investment by becoming a host.”

Given that drowsy driving has potentially deadly consequences, one valuable application of CityNapin capsule beds would their installation at highway rest stops. The beds could be housed in a storage container for portability and cost effectiveness.

Zouiyen believes the possible use cases for capsule beds are limited only by people’s imaginations; in addition to private and institutional hosts providing a service to local residents, tourists, or employees, the beds could one day be deployed in the wake of disasters like the massive flooding that recently inundated parts of Louisiana.

“CityNapin networks could soon become an ordinary, familiar part of the urban infrastructure,” adds Zouiyen. “Sleepy employees and drowsy drivers would be things of the past. Moreover, CityNapin can put to rest the misguided attitude that sleep is a ‘luxury’ and not a necessity.”