A study released by Deloitte this month confirms we are a nation of phone obsessed multitaskers, with American consumers looking at their smartphones in the aggregate 8 billion times per day. The fifth edition of Deloitte’s “2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey” includes several interesting findings with regard to sleep health as well as wellness in general.

American Consumers Show No Signs of Switching Off

The increased levels of screen time that come from consumers becoming more and more attached to their mobile devices continues to spread across generations, in both the speed at which we first look at our phone during the day, as well as the number of times we look at our phones. Consider that:

  • Upon waking, 17% of smartphone owners, check their phones immediately, up from 14% a year ago, while 43% of consumers check their phones within 5 minutes, up from 39% a year ago.
  • When it comes to bedtime, 13% of smartphone users look at their phone immediately before preparing to sleep, while 33% check their phones within 5 minutes before going to sleep.
  • 4% of US consumers look at their phones more than 200 times a day.
  • Nearly half (48%) of consumers check their phones up to 25 times per day.
  • 97% of smartphone owners have used their phone at least once to take a photo and 74% to share. Interestingly, the most intense photo takers are either young (between ages of 18 to 24), or female smartphone owners who take and share photos daily.

Consumer Wellness Is More Holistic, Seamlessly Connected

As wellness continues to transition away from a passing trend towards a meaningful and permanent lifestyle journey, consumers are looking for ways to track, share, and connect their fitness, health, and diet information. With the rapid adoption of fitness trackers, consumers are more inclined to purchase wearable devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches to support their wellness journey in a seamless and uninterrupted way.

  • Ownership for fitness bands doubled year over year with approximately 10% of consumers owning a fitness band.
  • Of those consumers who own fitness bands, 37% have reported monitoring their fitness level daily while 27% have reported monitoring their caloric intake and diet daily. These numbers jump to 66% for monitoring fitness and 47% for monitoring caloric intake when looked at weekly.
  • While more consumers own fitness bands than smartwatches, smartwatches drive greater usage. Today, 74% of consumers use their smartwatch on a weekly basis vs. 66% who use their fitness band weekly.