The Top Sleep Doctors of 2011 represent a variety of leading sleep physicians. The sleep professionals in this supplement come from different cultures and backgrounds, and each has created an individualized practice and approach to sleep medicine. From a physician raised in a rural village in Pakistan to a doctor from an American coal mining town, the featured doctors represent the professional American melting pot. One feature the Top Sleep Doctors all have in common is a desire to serve the community, an unparalleled drive to restore lost sleep to patients, and a sense of fulfillment through the work they do as sleep medicine professionals.

The fascinating part about editing these articles was to see what drew each physician to sleep medicine. Whether cultural or professional, or whether inspiration came from a person or community, each Top Sleep Doctor featured in this guide has an influence unique to them. After reading through the section, I reflected on my personal influences and motivations. For sleep professionals in the busy world of medicine, why you do what you do can easily slip from your mind in the midst of the daily hustle. As you read through Top Sleep Doctors 2011, I hope you’ll take a minute to remember your original inspirations and use those as motivating factors to continue serving your patient base with your maximum potential.

—Franklin A. Holman
[email protected]