If your patients use LED clip-on book lights at night for activities such as reading or needlework, then they are likely being exposed to blue light that may be causing sleep difficulties. Aware of the research on blue light and sleep, ASF Lightware Solutions includes blue-light blocking filters with its hands-free task lights.

Beam N Read Hands Free Lights are worn around the neck and shine a wide and bright light on personal space for task lighting and for walking in the dark. It can be used for reading, quilting, knitting, crafts, travel, camping, caregiving, power outages, and more.

The LED Museum‘s recent review of the 6 LED and 3 LED Beam N Read lights included spectrographic analysis of the intensity of the various wavelengths of light with no filter, the clip-on BNR Orange Filter, and the clip-on BNR Red Filter. Both lights received 5-star ratings.

The spectrographic charts of the Beam N Read lights with no filter are typical of LED lights and show a strong spike of blue light. However, with the orange or red filter attached, the spectrographic charts show no blue light.

The Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light includes both orange and red filters. The Beam N Read LED 3 Hands Free Travel Reading Light includes a red filter.