Healthline provides tips on how much sleep infants should get during the first months of life.

Most 3-month-old infants should be getting a total of 14 to 17 hours of sleep in 24 hours. So, that means your little one should only be awake for 7 to 10 hours per 24-hour cycle.

Of course, your 3-month-old isn’t going to be awake for a full 8 hours at a time. During this stage, it’s not unusual for little ones to wake for a few hours and then sleep for a few hours, around the clock.

However, around 3 months, some babies will start to get on board with the whole days/nights thing and begin to sleep through the night for as many as 6 to 8 hours at a time — a welcome change for sleep-deprived parents.

Keep in mind that all babies are different, and each one reaches sleep milestones at their own pace. So, while one child might magically begin to sleep longer stretches at night, other babies (and their parents) might still be waking every few hours through the night.

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