The company Kryo, and parent company of ChiliSleep, has changed its name to Sleepme Inc. and has launched a patented program, the Sleepme platform, which is designed to support sleep tech companies to leverage best practices in manufacturing, IoT security, sleep improvement content, and device management.

“Not only are we announcing this name change, Sleepme is tackling the entire spectrum of sleep in general through fresh content and more services. We’re showing up as an ally in the fight for a better quality of life. Sleep doesn’t have to be complicated if you have access to the right tools, education, and support. That’s what our new Sleepme community and marketplace is all about,” says Tara Youngblood, Sleepme Inc. CEO and co-founder, in a statement.

Meanwhile, the current ChiliSleep brand, bed cooling products, and website experience will remain the same and operate under the Sleepme Inc. umbrella. ChiliSleep will continue its focus on thermoregulation and cooling products to help people sleep better based on temperature.