Healthline: Website reviews some of the most popular sleep headphones on the market.

LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones: The molded eye mask from LC-Dolida is an ergonomically designed sleep mask with built-in headphones. Bluetooth technology means there are no wires to fiddle with in the middle of the night, and the headband design makes this a great option for side sleepers. You may like this option if you want to simultaneously block out light and sound. Reviewers say the mask is well-padded and comfortable. It does let in some light, but not enough for people to dock it stars.

MMUSS Sleep Ultra Thin Pillow Speakers: If you’ve tried wearing headphones in bed and still can’t find the perfect pair, try these pillow speakers. The thin design slips under your pillow, so you can enjoy music, podcasts, or white noise without squishing your ears. Reviewers like how unobtrusive the speakers are, but some complain about cord durability.

HIGHEVER Sleep Headphones: While noise-canceling is great for tuning out annoying repetitive sounds (like the hum of a subway car), the feature won’t block all noises. That said, noise-canceling headphones do allow you to listen to your music or white-noise sounds at a lower volume, which can help protect your hearing and prevent tinnitus (the medical term for ringing in your ears) from worsening with regular headphone use. These thin headband headphones are made of breathable mesh and feature removable speakers for easy machine washing. The Bluetooth headphones have a range of 65 feet and can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

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