A new line of adjustable bases is now available from the bedding company BEDGEAR. The bases are designed to improve flexibility in the bedroom.

An LED lighting system comes with a motion sensor for safe middle-of-the-night walks when using the Flex LSX (Luxury Sport Extra) model. This model also comes with head, foot, neck and lumbar adjustments, a massage setting, as well as Bluetooth audio that connects to smart TVs to provide a theater-like experience.

“People are no longer just sleeping in their bedrooms,” BEDGEAR founder and CEO Eugene Alletto says in a statement. “Some are watching TV more in bed while others are reading on their tablets or using their work laptops to write emails. BEDGEAR’s Flex Luxury Adjustable Base Collection provides new levels of flexibility and comfort for consumers so they can enjoy their bedroom environment to the fullest.”

The Flex LS (Luxury Sport) model comes with head and foot adjustments, massage settings, and LED underbed capabilities. The Flex L (Luxury) model features head adjustment and has a wired backlit remote control. All three bases include USB charging ports for powering entertainment and work devices.

The adjustable bases have foldable designs with silver-gray fabric and black frames along with BEDGEAR’s breathable mesh for continuous airflow. A foam wrap surrounds the bases to ensure safe and soft edges. According to the company, the collection can be used with any non-BEDGEAR mattress.