Fox News takes a look at which workers get less than 7 hours of sleep due to their chosen career field.

For the protective service industry as a whole, 39.2 percent of workers receive less than seven hours of sleep daily on average. However, this number is reflective of the average hours of sleep firefighters and prevention workers, law enforcement officers and other protective service workers receive combined.

When broken down into its respective segments, 45.8 percent of firefighters and prevention workers are most likely to receive less than seven hours of sleep, while 39.8 percent of law enforcement officers receive less than a full night’s sleep, and 37.7 percent of other protective service workers, such as border patrol or FBI agents, fall under the same category.

For food preparation and service jobs, getting less than seven hours of sleep is slightly more common than the protective service industry, according to Slumber Yard’s findings. As a whole, 39.8 percent of food prep and serving-related workers get less than a full night’s sleep on average.

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